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>Annual Family Reunion-John Riffel-1st Sunday in May at Woodbine,Ks


This web site is a Memorial
for members of the Riffel Family surnames.
The purpose of the web site is to promote the sharing of family information.
The web site will host family related information on births, weddings,
anniversaries, graduations, genealogical, deaths notices, funerals, obituaries,
travel, tours, reunions, photographs, and achievements.
For information on the Riffel Family Genealogy from Europe to North Amceria
and South America go to the Riffel Family Tree on

The Riffel Family web site is under development.
In the interim the following link is available:
Thank you for your patience.The 2014 Isaac Riffel Family Reunion is on the 2nd 
Sunday in July at Abilene, Ks.


To search for Germans
From Russia go to



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